Skylanders: Giants is a direct sequel to Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Players are able to use their old Skylanders, along with LightCore characters, brand new characters, and reposed versions of characters from the first game, called Series 2. Not only there are new Skylanders, but a new type of Skylanders, the Giants. They are able to pick up and throw large objects, and have immense power and size.


  1. Time of the Giants
  2. Junkyard Isles
  3. Rumbletown
  4. Cutthroat Carnival
  5. Glacier Gully
  6. Secret Vault of Secrets
  7. Wilikin Village
  8. Troll Home Security
  9. Kaos' Castle
  10. Aerial Attack!
  11. Drill X's Big Rig
  12. Molekin Mountain
  13. The Oracle
  14. Autogyro Adventure
  15. Lost City of Arkus
  16. Bringing Order to Kaos!
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