Sky Garden is a course found in Mario Kart: Super Circuit and Mario Kart DS.

It is the second track of the Lightning Cup. It takes place in the sky, hence the name "Sky Garden", and is very cloud-themed. The track actually takes place on top of a large and oddly-shaped cloud. The road is bordered with clouds that can slow a kart down significantly. There are vines growing out of the bordering clouds that stop the kart completely if hit. They cannot be hit, though, unless the racer drives off the road into the cloud, so they are easy to avoid.

There are a few jump pads that lead to giant shortcuts, one of them with an Item Box at the top of the jump. The majority of the jump pads require Mushrooms to jump over, resulting in getting a large shortcut. If the racer does not use a Mushroom to go up the ramp, the kart will fall off the track.


Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Kart DS

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