The Skutterchuck is a member of the Heavil Family, they debuted in Pikmin 3 and were later seen in Hey! Pikmin. They are small bipedal insectoid creature with five-jointed hindlegs, two yellow eyes and a pair of antennea, its head is also concave in order to let him carry items. Their carry weight is 3, the max number of carrier that can be used is 6, they are worth 3 seeds or 5 Pokos


They have a habit of picking up round crystalline stones to launch them on any potential threat, if the rock land on a Pikmin, it will take crushing damage and die if it isn't a Rock Pikmin. If the player uses a Rock Pikmin to break the stone, it will try to run away, however it is possible to kill the Skutterchuck at the same time if the shot is aimed correctly. When no rocks are left, he will only try to launch the attacking Pikmin and will not be able to do any direct damage. In Hey! Pikmin, they are crawling on platforms above Captain Olimar and will try to drop their crystals on the Pikmin below it.


Pikmin 3

Main Story

Challenge Mode

Hey! Pikmin


Hey! Pikmin Log

"Its main offensive maneuver is to throw the crystal on its back. Without that crystal, it is defenseless. I've hypothesized that the males carry rocks and the females carry crystals...but I don't have any evidence to back that theory up."

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