Skrimir ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is the nephew of Gallia's King Caineghis. He commands the Laguz Alliance in the war with Begnion.


Prior to the events of Radiant Dawn, Skrimir was named Caineghis's successor, and forbidden from partaking in the Mad King’s War due to his penchant for reckless bloodlust and inability to resolve even domestic affairs.

According to Ranulf, his second-in-command, Skrimir's actions in the Laguz-Begnion War will prove his ability to lead his people. To Ranulf's unending annoyance, he is an extremely impulsive and fiery commander who cares nothing for strategy. He holds Soren's strategic mind in high regard: at one point, he even invites Soren to sit beside him at a meeting (which, of course, Soren declines). His recklessness is taken advantage of by Begnion's General Zelgius, who challenges the Gallian commander to a duel: Skrimir suffers a humiliating defeat. The loss deals a great blow to Skrimir's pride, and he is forced to subdue his impulsiveness. A somewhat-wiser, more becalmed Skrimir then leads the Laguz Alliance back to Gallia; he later accompanies Micaiah's Silver Army to Begnion.

Caineghis abdicates after the war, and Skrimir ascends to the throne of Gallia, with Ranulf as his right hand man, but only if he does not have an A support with Ike.

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