Skolar is one of the seven Star Spirits in Paper Mario. As his name implies, as most scholars, he is always studying. He has a brown mustache and wears glasses.

Skolar is the Star Spirit Tubba Blubba guards in Chapter 3: The "Invincible" Tubba Blubba. However, he escapes from Tubba Blubba's Castle. While searching for a way out of the Forever Forest, he is captured by the Boos of Boo Mansion, led by Lady Bow. Bow promises to set Skolar free after Mario and his friends defeat Tubba Blubba.

When Mario defeats Tubba Blubba and Skolar is freed, he gives him the ability to use the Star Storm move. When Star Storm is used, Skolar appears in battle, causing stars to rain on enemies from above, causing seven points of damage each, similarly to the Shooting Star. The move costs two Star Power. He later appears along with the rest of the Star Spirits in Star Haven when they give Mario the Star Beam.

His description is "Like most scholars, he's always studying. His power, Star Storm, strikes all enemies."

In Mario Party 5, Skolar is the guide of Super Duel Mode.

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