Sir Mervyn is an elderly paladin who aided the Almighty in the fight against Orgodemir. However, before the final battle began, the Almighty sealed him away into the Hero Stone and was whisked away until he was needed again.


Being a warrior from a time long past, Sir Mervyn speaks in Early Modern English, which includes archaic constructions and older word forms such as thou and thee for a singular you, conjugating verbs as appropriate. Nevertheless, he is quite polite in conversation, including to his comrades. For example, he calls Auster Master Auster and Maribel Miss Maribel.

Sir Mervyn has a strong sense of duty which prevents him from walking away when someone else is in need, such as in the case of Nottagen. This is also coupled with his strong sense of justice and intense hatred of the Demon King's machinations. He also takes pride in his distinction as a direct servant of the Almighty.

Sir Mervyn, so used to the fighting he endured, is fascinated by the present world and its relative peacefulness. He takes a keen interest in exploring past worlds and righting the wrongs of the past.

Sir Mervyn is also slightly perverted, demonstrated when he wishes to see Aishe dancing. He, at least, has the decency to apologise for this.

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