Sinnoh is a region in the Pokémon series and has is the main region in fourth generation of games. So far, it is larger than any other region in the series. The enormity of the region rises even more if you include the very large underground area. The area itself is based on the upper part of the real life Hokkaido region. In all, there are fourteen cities and towns, and a copious amount of other areas as well. There are thirty routes, and three large lakes (each one featuring a legendary Pokémon).

Cities and towns

There are fourteen major cities in Sinnoh.

Areas of interest

  • Spear Pillar
  • Lake Acuity 
  • Lake Verity 
  • Lake Valor
  • Turnback Cave 
  • Distorition World (Platinum only) 
  • Stark Mountain
  • Newmoon Island (Platinum only)
  • Fullmoon Island 
  • Flower Paradise (Platinum only) 


Cities and Towns
Twinleaf TownSandgem TownJubilife CityOreburgh CityFloaroma TownEterna City
Hearthome CitySolaceon TownVeilstone CityPastoria CityCelestic TownCanalave City
Snowpoint CitySunyshore CityPokémon LeagueFight AreaSurvival AreaResort Area
Lake Verity (Lakefront) • Oreburgh GateOreburgh MineOreburgh Mining MuseumGlobal TerminalRavaged PathFloaroma MeadowValley WindworksEterna ForestOld ChateauThe UndergroundWayward CaveMt. CoronetAmity SquareLost TowerHallowed TowerSolaceon RuinsLake Valor (Lakefront) • Great MarshFuego IronworksIron IslandLake Acuity (Lakefront) • Spear PillarVictory RoadPal ParkStark MountainBattle ZoneBattle Park (Tower/Frontier) • Snowpoint TempleSendoff SpringTurnback CaveFullmoon IslandNewmoon IslandSeabreak PathFlower ParadiseHall of Origin
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