Singe Dragon

Singe as seen in the animated film

Singe is a dark green dragon that is the main antagonists of all of the Dragon's Lair games.


Dragon's Lair

Singe is summoned by Mordroc to kidnap Daphne. Singe's claw appears grabbing Daphne in the Crypt Creeps scene, the Killer Wind scene and the Black Knight scene. Singe will appear in the final scene. Dirk must hold all the items and then avoid Singe. Dirk must get the Magic Sword and then slay Singe. Singe will eventually die.

Dragon's Lair (Platform Game)

Singe serves as the last boss of the game. Singe isn't a hard boss, so Dirk must throw swords at his head until he is no more. He only spits fire, since it's his only attack.

Dragon's Lair 3D

Singe will blow fire and Dirk must block it to stun him. Singe is now vulnerable and Dirk must attack him. Singe then repeats the pattern again.

Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp

Singe's carcass appears in the background in the beginning of Dragon's Lair II.

Other media

Dragon's Lair Cartoon

Singe makes an appearance in the Dragon's Lair cartoon series as a villain of the series.

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