Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (JP) is a Nintendo published, Treasure developed Wii video game for Wii announced during Nintendo's October 2 press conference in Japan. It's a sequel to the Nintendo 64 classic Sin and Punishment.


The main mechanics of the game are aiming the player's reticle (by pointing with the Wii Remote or using the stick on the classic controller or Gamecube controller) to fire at enemies. The player also controls a player character (Isa Jo or Kachi, with them altering play style) and has a strong melee attack at their disposal. It can be used to deflect projectiles and clear a crowd. They can also charge their shot for even more damage, but must wait through a cooldown before they can charge their shot again. The player can also move and even fly to move around the screen. A roll maneuver is also possible to dodge attacks.

A second player can join in, but they only have access to the gun. They can aim their reticle and fire but anything that requires a melee attack has to be perform by the main player.



Taking place several years after the original Sin & Punishment, the world is revealed to be across two dimensions; the Inner Space and Outer Space.  In Inner Space, there are many Earths, watched over by beings known as "The Creators." The creators have guided mankind to defend these planets and fight, destroying mankind whenever it strays from its destined path by attempting to bring peace. Outer Space sends in invaders to attempt to destroy inner space with agent in the form of a human girl. Isa Jo is sent to investigate though finds the girl to be not a threat due to her amnesia. Isa Jo decides to help this girl, naming her Kachi. This causes the creators to go after him with group known as the Nebulox to kill both him and the girl. Beings known as the "Keepers" also target them to cleanse the Earth of its contamination.

American release

Initially, Nintendo wasn't sure if they should release the game in America or not, though due to the original's Virtual Console sales in the states, which were very high, they concluded that it would be the right choice if they did and announced it via press conference in America the day after it was announced in Japan. In 2010, Nintendo announced that the game would be released in America on June 7, 2010.

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