SimCity DS is a video game for the Nintendo DS handheld console. It is one of many SimCity remakes, and is the first to appear on the Nintendo DS. It features exclusive content not found in other versions, the most notable being the fact that you can use the touch screen to control most of, if not all of the game without even touching the ctontrol pad and buttons (thoug, if you perfer, you can also use the aforementioned mechanics). It was developed by EA Japan, and was released in mid-2007.



Once you decide to start a city, an advisor will allow you to either keep her, or change. Once you're finished with that, you'll have to name your city, then name the mayor (you). Now, you'll decide where exactly you want to build your first city. If your new to the game, then the very first one is recommended - You'll get plenty of money, and some of the essintial buildings are already built. If you've been playing for quite awhile - then try some of the other, more challenging ones.


In SimCity DS, you'll have to add three main zones in your city if you want it to grow. While you want to keep them separated, don't move them so far apart where the residents will have to drive to far. Though lets say you put the residential zone next to the industrial zone, if you do so, then pollution and crime rates will rise in that area, and the residents will quickly want to move.

  • Residential Zone - This is where the residents all live. Keep them a good distance away from industrial zones, though not to the point where it's to far away. If residents don't want to move where you want them to, then maybe add some schools and attractions, because they love that stuff.
  • Commercial Zone - This is where the sims go shopping, and thus you'll get a lot of tax money if you have plenty of commercial zones and residential zones.
  • Industrial Zone - This is where the sims will work. However, it causes a lot of pollution, crime, and fire rates, so don't add too many of them.


The game features many mini games that are controlled via the touch screen or microphone. Common mini games include rapidly tapping Santa on Christmas to obtain many presents, and blowing up fireworks on special occasions.

SimCity DS also led to other games such as SimCity DS 2 for the Japanese and SimCity Creator.

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