Silque (JP) is a playable character that appears in Fire Emblem: Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


A sweet-tempered sister of Mila who has never seen her father’s face, when Silque was young, her and her mother, a cleric of the Duma Faithful went on a pilgrimage in Rigel. But suddenly one day, her mother left her in a priory in Zofia, before vanishing without a trace. While she was raised as an orphan at the priory, it was Mila that saved her; thereafter, she made it her lifelong goal to share Mila’s teachings with those suffering from loneliness.

Before the start of Shadows of Valentia, Silque leaves Novis Island to deliver Mila's Turnwheel to Alm. However, she is attacked by brigands twice on the way to Ram Village; Jesse saves her the first time, but she falls unconscious during the second and is kidnapped by the thieves. When Alm hears of this, he immediately rushes to the Thieves' Hideout to rescue her. After defeating the bandits, she wakes up and tells the party who she is.

If Alm rescues her, she hands him Mila's Turnwheel and explains how it works to him. However, if Alm skips the Thieves' Hideout completely and never interacts with her, he instead receives it from a merchant at the beginning of Act 3, who informs Alm that he received it from Silque. If Silque is not recruited into Alm's party, Celica can visit her in the same location in Act 2, revealing that the two know each other. However, Silque will not join Celica's party in spite of that.

After the war, she heads to Rigel to heal the wounded.

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