Sigrun ​is a non-playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance who is playable in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She is the commander of Begnion's Holy Guards, and serves directly underneath Apostle Sanaki, the empress of Begnion.


In Path of Radiance, Sigrun first appears when she enters a battle against raven laguz during Sanaki's sea trip to meet with Elincia. During the next several chapters, she appears alongside Sanaki and gives some information to Ike. After Sanaki apologies to Reyson and Leanne for Begnion's role in the Serenes Massacre, Sigrun begins to shed tears and expresses her pride in the apostle. Later in the game, she negotiates with her old friend, Haar, to let Shiharam's men and their families take refuge in Begnion following their commander's death.

In the sequel, Radiant Dawn, Sigrun is introduced again during her search for Sanaki, who had been imprisoned by the Begnion Senate, which claimed her to be ill. She and Tanith eventually find the apostle and interrupt Valtome's execution of Zelgius following the latter's refusal to enter battle against an unarmed Elincia. During the final stages of the Laguz Alliance's war with Daein and the heroes' battles against Ashera, Sigrun remains at Sanaki's side, guarding her. After Lekain reveals that Sanaki is not the true apostle, both Sigrun and Tanith continue to loyally serve her.

After Ashera's defeat, Sigrun returns to Begnion and continues to serve Empress Sanaki.

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