Inside the Toy Box.

Shy Guy's Toy Box is a location in the original Paper Mario. It is located inside a toy box in an abandoned house in Toad Town. When Mario interacts with the toy box, he is shrunk down and sucked into the box. Inside the Shy Guys have built an entire city out of toys and blocks, including a giant railroad that takes the player from one point, to another. The leader of the Shy Guy army, General Guy, has imprisoned one of the star spirits here and the toy box is also the source of the Shy Guys who are causing mischief in Toad Town. Mario can find many of the Toad's stolen items hidden within the toybox. Watt, a baby Li'l Sparky, and Mario's sixth party member can be found here. She will join the party after Mario rescues her from the area's miniboss Big Lantern Ghost who is keeping her trapped inside of his lantern.

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