Shy Guy's Jungle Jam is a jungle themed board in Mario Party 4. The board is hosted by Shy Guy. He built it because he is too timid to go out on an adventure in a real jungle, so he made an artificial one for his friends to have fun in.

Board Elements

The main gimmick of this board revolves around the board being split into two halves. The big events are Klepto and the Shy Guy on the raft. The Klepto is found initially in the top left on a mountain perch. Playing him five coins will carry across the map. The player can steer him left and right to collect coins and avoid the volcanic eruption (if one happens). The shy guy will just take the player directly across at varying rates.

The item minigame is Treasure Tree. It involves 3 items swaying in a tree. It requires the correct timing to get the right item. The coin minigame involves revolves around winding up a toy Fly Guy with its height determining the number of coins.

The board has a number of split paths including two mini mushroom pipes that act as shortcuts.

Happening Spaces

The only happening spaces on this board are located at the bottom left and the top right in front. The player can wish in front of the Shy Guy Wells. While the result is random, the result leans towards the kind of wish the player makes. A happy wish tends to get the Shy Guys happy and nothing happens. If the Shy Guy is sad, the river in the middle overflows splitting the board in half for three turns.