Short Order + Eggsplode is a Nintendo R&D1 developed, Nintendo published NES game released exclusively in America (despite being developed in Japan). The game is a Power Pad game that includes two family friendly games titled Short Order and Eggsplode. Most of the Power Pad games released in America by Nintendo were localized versions of Bandai developed games, though this was one of the few exceptions that were developed by Nintendo. The game was very different from the previous titles that made use of the Power Pad as it didn't advertise itself as an exercise program but rather as a puzzle based title.

Short Order

In Short Order, the first of the two games, you work in a fast food restaurant and must prepare the meals that different animals order. In order to add the ingredient the animal wants, you'll have to step on its corresponding numbered circle on the Power Pad. The animals may require many different ingredients, and each ingredient represents a unit of height. The highest number your burger can go to is 99.


In Eggsplode, there will be 12 nests on the screen, each one with a chicken on it. They are in rows of four, which is precisely how the Power Pad is numbered. During the course of the game, foxes will come and put bombs beneath the chickens' nests. Your goal is to step on the corresponding numbered circle on the Power Pad to deactivate the bomb. Stepping on it twice, however, will destroy the egg, thus resulting in a game over. There are three different colored bombs (red, orange and blue), each one giving you a higher score than the previous color.

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