Shooting Trainer is the successor to Wild Gunman in arcades and is, like Wild Gunman, part of the Simulation System series of arcade games developed by Nintendo. The game is a light gun game that features a plastic rifle that allows you to shoot the digital white bottles that randomly appear on the screen that has a backdrop of a scenic western country. The best score the player can get is 40.

The game was released in North America by Sega.[1]


In 1978 Nintendo released a successor to the game with the same name. The arcade cabinet had more of a western theme with wooden logs surrounding the screen. The player will be stationed several feet away from the screen and would hold a rifle as he did in the previous incarnation. The rifle is stationed in a structure with similar plastic logs with a screen in the middle that showcases your score. Like in the game before it, your task is to shoot bottles as they emerge. Whereas the top score the player could accumulate in the previous game was 40, it's been raised to 50 in this game. If the player gets a score of 46, he'll receive a free game.


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