The Female Shooting Spiner is a member of the Wracknid Family in Hey! Pikmin. They are female members of the Shooting Spiner subspecies, a species that is notable for its important sexual dimorphism something pretty rare in the Pikmin series, the female Shooting Spiner have really bright colors while the males have very sober colors. According to Captain Olimar's research, no Shooting Spiners are born female and some males turn into females naturally as they grow older.


The female Shooting Spiner will patrol their webs until Olimar or the Pikmin get near them. They can only attack Olimar if he is right under them when they start to descend. When they are at the same height, they will start to spin before using their legs to stab any Pikmin that is too close. They can be killed with only one Pikmin throw but if Olimar throw them while the female Shooting Spiner, the Pikmin will be the ones to die.


Hey! Pikmin Log

"I was startled to learn that all members of this species are born male, but some metamorphose into females as they grow older. On second thought, it's a little embarrassing I was so surprised. The universe is a big place with all kinds of possibilities I never considered. Who am I to say this one or that one is weird?"

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