Shivers, the Wandering Butler (Japanese: セ・ノバスチャン Se Nobasu-chan) is one of the portrait ghosts in Luigi's Mansion. His first name comes from a term that describes a person who is cold or fearful. In life, Shivers served as a butler for his unnamed master, and died at the age of 72, making him the second oldest ghost (with a known age), with Nana being the oldest at 76. According to the Game Boy Horror, he wanders around looking for the will his last master left and hoping he is in it. He is afraid of fire to the point that when he sees it, he runs in fear. He is smitten with the beautiful Melody Pianissima, but it seems that she does not return his affections at all. His portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 8.

Luigi's Mansion

After Luigi captures the Floating Whirlindas, Shivers can be found wandering the north corridor of the first floor hallway and appears as nothing but a floating candelabra. This makes him the only portrait ghost to appear in a hallway. When the Poltergust 3000 gains the ability to expel flames, Luigi uses this ability to light the candles Shivers is holding. It causes him to panic and run into the Butler's Room. Luigi follows him to the Butler's Room where Shivers sits, until Shivers accidentally puts the lit candlestick under him, which lights him on fire, causing him to start screaming and rolling around in his chair, thus rendering him vulnerable. If Luigi vacuums Shivers but does not capture him in one try, Shivers reappears at the entrance of the room, and if Luigi does not vacuum the ghost up quickly, he leaves the room and returns to the upper hall.

After Luigi sucks up Shivers, the lights come on, and he earns the key to the Conservatory.

Physical Appearance

Shivers has a long face with a square jaw. He has a blue-green skin color and unlike many other ghosts, he has green eyes. He has gelled back purple hair which forms a vampire-like widow's peak at his hairline; this look is furthered by Shivers' coat, which is black and has a red collar. Under his unbuttoned coat, Shivers wears a light purple shirt that has gold buttons and a maroon bow-tie.


  • Aside Nana who is 76 years old, Shivers is 72 years old making him the second most oldest ghost in the game.
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