The Shiverians are a race of chubby seal-like creatures with penguin-like proportions that inhabit the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. Most Shiverians wear white and red parkas with snow boots, while the Shiverian racers wear only snow hats and pants and appear to have a slight pink blush on their cheeks.

They host a race called the Bound Bowl Grand Prix, in which the Shiverians roll and bounce across a racetrack. The initial prize for first place was a Frost-Frosted Cake; when that was stolen by Bowser, first prize became a Multi Moon instead. During the events of the game, an unnamed Shiverian in red pants that was set to participate in the race has second doubts about the race right before it starts, and refuses to come out. To win the Multi Moon, Mario must Capture the Shiverian, and participate and win in the race.

At the game's finale, in the Moon Kingdom, a few Shiverians can be found in attendance of the wedding between Bowser and Princess Peach. They comment on how they were brought forcefully, and wish to return home. After beating the game, they can be found at the entrance of the Moon Kingdom near the Odyssey, and in the start of Darker Side, as well as many of the kingdoms on Earth. Several of the Shiverian Racers are shown to travel between kingdoms as well, though they cannot be raced outside of the Snow Kingdom.

Like many of the supporting characters, Shiverians will cower and refuse to talk to Mario if an enemy gets too close to them, regardless whether Mario has captured the enemy in question or not.


  • In the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack in Minecraft, polar bears are replaced by Shiverians.
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