Shiver Mountain is a huge snowy mountain in the Shiver Region in Paper Mario. It is the largest mountain in the region and atop of it is the lost Crystal Palace where the last Star Spirit was held by the Crystal King. The path to the mountain can only be accessed by the snowmen who are guarding it by giving them a bucket hat and a scarf. Mario encounters several enemies, such as Gulpits and Frost Piranhas. The way up is a thin flight of stairs made of ice near cliff. Madame Merlar is also on the mountain. Mario comes across many fantastic items that must be replaced. If he finds the Pebble, trade can trade it for the. If Mario performs a Tornado Jump at a certain point, he can discover a hidden ? block with an Ultra Shroom. There are also many White Clubbas. There is also a hidden entryway for the Star Stone.

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