Shippu Jinraikyaku.png

Shippu Jinraikyaku and Shinryuken are Ken's Final Smashes.


Shippu Jinraikyaku

If Ken uses his Final Smash while near an opponent, he will declare, "Gotcha!", and use the Shippu Jinraikyaku. Ken kicks his opponent on the ground several times, announcing the attack while kicking, before beginning to carry them upward with a rapid helicopter kick. The move ends with one final intense kick to the opponent. Similar to Shin Shoryuken, if the move has enough knockback to KO the opponent, an intense orange background from Street Fighter IV will cover the entire screen, while the final kick causes black ink to surround the opponent while violent action lines focus on the Final Smash's victim. This move will ignore edges entirely, continuing past them even during the grounded section. If Ken misses, he will instead simply perform the initial five hits of the attack.


If Ken is not close enough to any opponents, he uses the Shinryuken. Upon inputting the command, Ken shouts, "Take this! Shinryuken!", and jumps up into the air with a powerful uppercut, causing a large geyser of fire to erupt around him. Any fighter caught in the geyser will be hit multiple times, before being launched away with great force.