Shining Soul II is a Game Boy Advance video game and the sequel to Shining Soul, which was also released on the GBA about a year prior to this game's release. It features eight unique characters and several different character classes, all of which can be found below.

In Japan, a value selection edition was released on February 2, 2006


As aforementioned, there are eight characters, and there are also eight separate character classes, each with their advantages. Each character class can be raised to a level 200. Not only this, though these characters are allowed to have their own weapons and abilities, giving the game a nice variety.

The classes are all different from one another. The warrior class is a balanced and popular class among new players. The archer uses his bows and arrows and can also summon up creatures to fight. The sorceress is an offensive character who stays far back. The Dragonute is the most defensive of the classes in the game, though understandably they're also the slowest.

The priestess uses spells that'll ultimately heal your team. The Dark Wizard is elemental spells to attack. The Brawler is the strongest class in the game, though has poor defense. Finally, the ninja performs rapid fast attacks.



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