Shin 4nin Uchi Mahjong: Yakuman Tengoku(JP) is a Mahjong video game released by Nintendo for the Famicom in 1991. People usually consider the game the best Mahjong game that was released for the Famicom. The game was never released outside of Japan. The game's box was larger than usual. New features of the game include name entry and the ability to choose a character to play as (the character that you choose has no effect on the gameplay).


Yakuman Tengoku is a Famicom version of the popular Japanese game Reach Mahjong. Because of the length of the game, it has a battery save feature that will allow you to come back later when you have the time. In the championship mode, you'll travel to various places around the world including Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Rio, and Las Vegas.

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