Shigetoshi Gohara is a sound programmer who works for Nintendo EPD Tokyo, mainly on games of the Mario franchise like Super Mario Galaxy 2, where he also provided arrangement for one song. He was a lead for the HD Rumble function in the Nintendo Switch. Outside of Nintendo, he is also a professional sax player, and he has performed in some concerts.

Production History

Special Thanks

Song Credits

Touch Generations Soundtrack

  • Nintendogs Theme - Live Ver. (nintendogs) -- Sax

Super Mario Galaxy 2

  • Throwback Galaxy -- Arrangement[1]


  • SE: Moving Tower -- Sound Effect[2]

Super Mario Odyssey

  • Confront the Broodals -- Sound Effects[3]
  • The Adventure Begins -- Sound Effects[3]
  • Peach's Castle Grounds -- Sound Effects[3]
  • Bowser's Castle: Main Courtyard Intro -- Sound Effects[3]
  • Tune of Tostarena -- Sound Effects[3]
  • Melancholy Bubblaine -- Sound Effects[3]
  • The Silver World of Shiveria -- Sound Effects[3]

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