Shigefumi Hino (born March 13, 1966) is a planner at Nintendo EPD Production Group No. 10, mostly notorious for his work on the Mario and Yoshi series (where he designed the character Yoshi itself), as well as for being one of the directors of the first three entries in the Pikmin series.


Hino joined the company in 1988 and initially worked on an unreleased sequel to Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race, but the first project he worked on which was released was Super Mario World on SNES, where he worked on the design of the characters and the visuals, including the design of Yoshi, who first debuted in this game, under guidance from Takashi Tezuka.

At the request of Shigeru Miyamoto, he eventually switched to planning and worked on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on SNES, where he decided on the main concepts of the game and its characteristic hand-drawn visual style. This was followed by his work on Yoshi's Story on Nintendo 64 as main CG designer, as well as graphic support on some other titles.

On GameCube, Hino became director of Pikmin and Pikmin 2 along with Masamichi Abe; following his background on graphic design, Hino handled the graphic side of the titles by focusing on character design and world creation. Later on, he had directorial roles on titles like the New Super Mario Bros. series, Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree, Pikmin 3, and the Super Mario Maker series.

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