Sheriff is an arcade game that was released in 1979 by Nintendo. In the game, you must save the recently kidnapped woman by shooting the bandits that surround your player. Once they're all gone, another group of bandits will appear and you must start over until you complete the game. Once you beat the game, a heart will go above your player and the woman (indicating that they've fallen in love). The game's characters were designed by Shigeru Miyamoto.


The player will be in the middle of sixteen bandits that are circling him, occasionally shooting bullets. Occasionally a The player must dodge the bullets and shoot back at the bandits. The goal of the game is to kill every last bandit, which will save the town and the woman that was kidnapped by them. Following this the game will start over and you'll be required to do it all again.


Arcade Game- Sheriff (1979 Nintendo)

Gameplay of Sheriff!


Another version of the game titled Bandido was distributed by Exidy in 1980. The only difference is in the game's cabinet, sporting a different title and a "Cast of Characters" panel naming the girl "Pretty Priscilla", while calling the Sheriff "Our Hero" and showing Wanted signs for the bandit and the condor.

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