Shelley is an optional character from Dragon Quest VI.


Since Shelley will only join your party if you have Curie, Shelley can only be obtained post-game. Shelley will show up several times on the Hero's adventure. She will eventually settle in an underwater inn in the southern ocean in the real world. If Curie is in the party when the Hero talks to her, she will ask to join the party.


Base Stats


Shelley learns a few skills on her own, regardless of vocation.

Level Ability MP Cost Effect
3 Kabuff 3 Raises the party's defense.
5 Cool Breath 0 Chilly breath attack that harms all enemies.
17 Tidal Wave 0 Summons an ocean wave to harm all enemies.
22 Chilly Breath 0 Frigidly cold breath attack that harms all enemies.
35 Freezing Blizzard 0 Chafingly cold breath attack that harms all enemies.


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