The Sheikah Slate is a Sheikah artifact that bears the symbol of the mysterious tribe. It is found inside the Shrine of Resurrection at the beginning of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it was left here by its previous owner, Princess Zelda who hoped that it could help Link in his journey across Hyrule. It can be upgraded


The Sheikah Slate is a multipurpose tool, giving Link access to numerous useful abilities.


The Sheikah Slate can display a map of Hyrule that can be upgraded thanks to the Sheikah towers.


The slate in itself can be use as a pass that grants access to the Shrines, Sheikah towers and many other constructions of Sheikah origin.


Link can also use the slate as a scope that grant him the ability to set beacons on the map and see farther than he normaly can.


The slate is able to obtain upgrades called Runes that allow the user to affect his surrounding. They include:

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