Sheikah Dance.png

Sheikah Dance is Sheik's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Sheik brandishes her dagger, then she dashes forward and slashes. If she catches anyone, the Sheikah eye symbol will appear onscreen, and the screen will darken and obscure the stage and fighters. She will proceed to follow up the first slash with a kick, an upward slash, a palm thrust, and an axe kick. She then appears behind the opponent and performs an upward slash, followed by a kick, a knifehand strike, and a downwards slash. She then flips back over to the front of the opponent and attacks with an outward slash, followed by an inward slash, a kick, a punch, 2 more kicks, and a slash. Afterwards, she appears behind the opponent again, and delivers a final powerful slash which launches them the opposite direction she was traveling. The final slash can hit bystanders.

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