Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder is a video released in late 2001 for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. The game itself is developed by Natsume (ITL for the Game Boy Color) and published by Activision.

The game itself is a sidescrolling snowboarding game that, as its name implies, stars snowboarding star Shaun Palmer. Unlike other extreme sports video games released on the console, you'll only have one chance to execute your move, whereas in Tony Hawk titles you're allowed to retrace your steps (or wheels) and perform it once more.


Before taking on the main mode, you'll be given the chance to try out the tutorial mode which can be accessed via the main menu so that you can learn all the basics of the title. Throughout the main mode you'll jump off slopes and grind on rails. To grind on a rail, the player will need to jump towards one then press B. However, doing this alone will not keep you on the rail, as you'll also need to use the d-pad to keep the skater's balance. After you're done grinding, then you can either slide off back onto the mountain or perform an aerial and execute a maneuver that will gain the player even more points, though at the risk of failing altogether, thus giving you absolutely no points at all.

In each stage are the letters S, H, R, E, and D that spell out the letters "shred". The player isn't required to obtain each letter, similar to Donkey Kong Country. Though, it's a goal that will reap the player rewards if accomplished successfully (the reward being more sponsors). The more sponsors one has, the better the stats of your character will be.

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