Sharp C1 NES TV 14C-C1F

Sharp Nintendo TV

The Sharp Nintendo Television, also known as the C1 NES TV in Japan, was a television created by Nintendo and Sharp. It features a built-in Nintendo Entertainment System. It was noted for having a clearer picture quality than the original setup requiring a Famicom and composite video connection. For this reason, screenshots featured in video game magazines of the time were often taken from the C1 NES TV.

The system featured two in-built programs, JR Graphic and TV Note, and in Japan it was shipped with the game Donkey Kong Junior/Donkey Kong Junior Math at the time of its release the only licensed multicart made for the Famicom This cartridge was unique to the Sharp C1 NES TV, and it featured a combination of Donkey Kong Junior and Donkey Kong Jr. Math (similar to the 2-in-1 Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt cartridge released with the original NES system). The TV was soon followed by the SF-1 SNES TV.

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