Shannan ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the son of Mariccle and the prince of Isaach in the second generation. He is also the nephew of Ayra, the grandson of Mananan, and the cousin of Larcei and Ulster. As he is a direct descendant of Odo, he is capable of wielding the Balmung.


First Generation

In Chapter 1, Shannan is initially held captive by Cimbaeth, who uses him as a hostage to force Ayra into doing his bidding. When Sigurd captures the castle and saves Shannan, Ayra will join his army, albeit begrudgingly. In Chapter 3, he makes the grave mistake of allowing Deirdre to leave Agusty Castle alone, indirectly leading to her eventual capture and brainwashing by Manfroy. He is known to shoulder the responsibility of Deirdre's disappearance, despite Sigurd assuring him that he is not to blame.

After Sigurd defeats Lombard, Shannan departs with baby Seliph and his best friend Oifey to the outskirts of Isaach. He remains there for the next couple of years, raising his young cousins, the twins Larcei and Ulster, on Ayra's behalf. He will raise Creidne and Dalvin instead if Ayra bore no children.

Second Generation

Later, Shannan returns as a Swordmaster unit who automatically joins on the first turn of Chapter 7. He will recruit Patty/Daisy when she attempts to pilfer the Balmung sacred sword from the Yied Shrine in a significant event of the game, whereby he manages to convince her into passing the sword into his possession.

After Belhalla is captured, Shannan expresses remorse at having been the cause of Deirdre's disappearance, but Seliph, much like his father, re-assures him that he is not at fault. Shannan will ascend the Isaachian throne at the end of the game, provided that he survives until then.

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