Shambling Mummy is a type of minion of the Dark Lord in Find Mii 2. They are floating mummies with yellow eyes. They can catch the first hero in the line of guard by "ambushing" them. They make moaning noises when they are attacked with a sword. When they are defeated, their eyes disappear and their bandages float to the ground, turning into purple smoke.


  • Shambling Mummy has 15 HP.
  • All mummies will try to scare away the first hero in line, this one has a minor chance of doing so.
    • Higher level heroes have a higher chance of being unfazed.


Find Mii 2

  • Ransacked Ruins West
  • Ransacked Ruins East, accompanied by one Yellow Slime
  • Diabolical Altar West, accompanied by one Ghost

Find Mii 2, Secret Quest

  • Ransacked Ruins West, with a yellow shield, accompanied by one Roaming Mummy.
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