Shady Koopas are blueish and gray-colored Koopa Troopas who appear only at the Glitz Pit in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. When they are flipped on their shell, they can still attack and they do more damage then usual. The more there are the more damage there is.

Shellshock is a Shady Koopa that leads the Shellshockers, the seventh-ranked team in the Glitz Pit; his teammates are another Shady Koopa and a Shady Paratroopa.

These sorts of Koopas also made an appearance in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, where they challenge Mario and Luigi to a "game" with the Blue Shell. After you beat them, they give you enough Attack Pieces to get the Yoo Who Cannon.


Shady Koopas have an attack power of 3, and their primary offense is tucking into their shells and spinning at Mario much like other Koopas. They can also use their shell to attack even when flipped onto their back. Contrary to what Goombella's Tattle and the Tattle Log say, their attack does not increase when they get back up; however, their back-attack hits both Mario and his partner, and has twice the base power of their normal attack at 6. This is also the case with the dialogue and Tattle Log for the Shady Paratroopa.


  • If a Shady Koopa's Power Shell is Superguarded, it walks back to its battle position on its feet and then return to being flipped.
  • Shady Koopas were planned to appear in Super Paper Mario, as they appear in the game's files and even have a unique shell attack that no other Koopas in the game possess.
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