Shadowrun is an SNES video game released in May of 1993. It's a unique RPG that was developed by Beam Software and published by Data East. In the game, the player takes control of Jake Armitage and swaps the traditional swords with modern day weapons such as firearms. While today these types of things are relatively common, even in the Final Fantasy series, it was very unique during the time.


Battles take place on the same area of the place you traverse, and thus won't switch to a separate screen devoid of any distractions. Because the player is commonly far away from the enemy, you'll have to use guns and spells in order to attack. And rather than automatically hitting its target, you'll have to aim using the d-pad. Some have argued that it should've used the SNES Mouse for this, but for whatever reason they didn't include mouse functionality for the game.


Multiple titles in the series have been released following this game, but disappointingly for fans only one has seen the same level of enjoyment that Shadowrun has seen, according to critics. None of the games were released on a Nintendo console, but rather the Sega Genesis (a critically positive game), Sega CD, and the Xbox (the latter two of which were generally not well received, and didn't follow the format of Shadowrun). A PC game was planned, but eventually canned.

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