Severa (JP) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening and returning in Fire Emblem Fates under the alias, Selena (JP). She is the future daughter of Cordelia. In Fire Emblem Fates she along side Laslow and Odin join the Nohr army. Selena becomes Camilla's subordinate.


In Awakening, Severa is first encountered in the Paralogue, Ambivalence, which is unlocked after Chapter 13 and Cordelia achieves an S-Support. A mercenary leader steals her ring after she comes from the future and forces her and a villager named Holland to work with him. Once the Mercenary leader is defeated and Severa is properly recruited, Severa discovers that the ring was her mother's Wedding Ring and that Cordelia in the future was likely fighting for her.

In The Future Past Awakening DLC, an alternate timeline Severa recovers the Fire Emblem as well as one of the Jewels to give to Lucina alongside Laurent and Gerome but, they are attacked by Grima so, Chrom and Shepherds are sent by Naga to save them.

In Conquest, Selena along side Beruka and Camilla join the Avatar's army during Chapter 10. In Revelation, she, Beruka and Camilla fight the Avatar in Chapter 12 and join at the end of the chapter. In Birthright, Selena appears alongside Beruka and Camila and tries to kill the Avatar. She cannot be recruited in Birthright.

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