Seth is one of the most trusted troops of King Fado. He is one of the very first two playable characters and plays a drastic role in the introduction of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. After the introduction, if the player keeps him alive, he serves as a guide and a very helpful friend to Eirika or Ephraim. In the beginning, King Fado entrusts Seth and Franz to take care of his very loved daughter Eirika. Seth takes charge and sends Franz away to go ask help from Frelia while he and Eirika go to safety.

Personality and Supports

Seth is a calm character yet he is very tough, smart and straight forward. He protects Eirika from falling to traps, such as Orson's lies. If the player decides to take Ephraim's route, Seth follows as a guide for Ephraim. Sometimes he and Ephraim have short arguments, but Seth is always humble and respectful.

Seth can support Ephraim, Eirika, Natasha, Garcia, and Franz. Seth is a very good friend of the young cavalier Franz. At first glance he distrusts Natasha's loyalty (since she is from Grado), he recognizes Garcia as a good veteran fighter, is compassionate towards Eirika, and loyal to both Ephraim and Eirika.


Seth has a variety of three special endings. The first is without completing C B A supports with either Natasha or Eirika, it describes and nicknames Seth "The Silver Knight " in which Seth returns to Renais and dedicates his service to his fellow people. His service makes him the most trusted of the guardsmen and is one of the most famous of Renais.

For his other two double endings he either falls in love with Natasha or admits his love for Eirika and marries either of the ladies. Natasha & Seth's ending finishes with Natasha moving to Renais and being wed with Seth, their days were busy with work helping rebuild Renais, but once it is done they live their days in happiness and peace. If it is Eirika the player completes Seth's supports, he admits to the princess his love and return to Renais marry and their tale of love between "A princess and her royal Knight" became a beloved romance in the history of Renais.

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