Sesame Street: Elmo's Number Journey is a game released for the Nintendo 64. The game has the player look for numbers around an area with Elmo and friends. The game seems to be a modification of Sesame Street: Elmo's Letter Adventure.


There are 3 minigames in the game with 3 difficulty levels which change the number of numbers the player has to find and the amount of mistakes the player can make. All the minigames have the player look for a specific number as Elmo. The minigames are accessed by talking to one of the 3 Sesame Street denizens in the game; Ernie, Cookie Monster and The Count. After completing each minigame, there is a small bonus minigame where the player throws balls into a giant head to solve math problems.

The Count's minigame has the player wander a farm looking for numbers and then transport the player to The Count's castle to look for more numbers.

Ernie's minigame has the player wander carnival grounds for numbers and then has the player ride bumper cars and find the number on bumper cars.

Cookie Monster's minigame has the player ride a Jet Ski on the Chocolate sea to find the number. The player can perform tricks off jumps. Then, it transitions to a snowy mountain where Elmo is on a snowboard. He can perform tricks off jumps here too.

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