Serra is a playable character from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. She is a high-maintenance cleric who is a member of the St. Elmine Church, and believes she deserves praise from everyone around her. Serra is sixteen years old in Lyn's story and seventeen years old in Eliwood's and Hector's story.

Physical appearance

Serra is a young lady with long pink hair tied into twintails and purple eyes. She wears long white sleeveless dress with purple details and a purple scarf. In her artwork, her hair is purple.


Serra's past is never fully elaborated on, but it is known that she was born in Etrunia, and for reasons unknown was raised in a scanty St. Elimine convent near the Etrurian/Ostian frontier, where she studied the teachings of St. Elimine. During her childhood, she was greatly neglected and badly mistreated, a miserable past that would contribute to her personality later on. Eventually, she became a cleric and entered service with Ostia. Journeying to Ostia with her (less-than-enthusiastic) escort, Erk, Serra becomes entangled with Lyn's group on the border between Sacae and Lycia. Much to the displeasure of her escort, Serra joins Lyn on her quest to reunite with her grandfather. After Lundgren is killed and Caelin's monarchy restored, Serra and Erk depart, and both part ways at Ostia. If Serra is attacked and defeated by an enemy in Chapter 5, she will instead send Erk with Lyn, stating that she is too hurt to continue, staying behind alone to wait for her wounds to heal.

Serra is encountered again in Lycia, as part of Hector's group. Seeing Eliwood and his knights harassed by bandits, Hector orders her and Matthew to stay back while he and Oswin assist Eliwood. Serra, along with Hector's group, assist Eliwood with finding the missing Marquess Pherae, lord Elbert.

Upon finishing their journey, Serra returns to Ostia and relaxes. It is unknown if she participated during the war with Bern or if she was even alive during that time.