Sennen Kazoku is a Game Boy Advance video game released in 2005 by Nintendo and Indieszero. The game was released exclusively in Japan. In the game, you'll play as Cupid, who was ordered to watch over a family by god. As Cupid, you must make sure that the family is protected through the generations.


In the game, you'll spend a majority of your time watching the characters live their lives. They'll do daily actions, have major moments in their life, and eventually die. Your goal as Cupid is to make sure that the family continues on. To do this, you'll make use of different emotional arrows that'll change their course. Typically people view Cupid as just making a couple fall in love, though in this game his arrows will have a variety of effects ranging from making a character work harder, calming them down and, as expected, make a character fall in love.

Sennen Kazoku is one of the few games to contain a real-time clock within the game cartridge. When the player is not playing, the game still is, and events will still occur even if the units turned off (like in Animal Crossing). Once the player returns, there could've been key events that they might've missed.

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