Selphie Tilmitt is a playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. She is an active, outspoken and energetic girl who participates in many extracurricular activities, such as planning the Garden Festival and running a school website. She is clumsy, but despite this wields an oversized nunchaku in battle and pilots the Ragnarok airship.


Selphie is childish, upbeat, and hyperactive, always looking to have fun. She is a fan of combining words to form new ones. Selphie uses the expression "Booyaka!" on her website as a greeting. She wants to spread the lingo, but fails. Selphie is talented with computers and vehicles, and has many hobbies, ranging from running a website in the Balamb Garden intranet to heading the Garden Festival Committee to being obsessed with trains. Selphie has a dark sense of humor, sometimes displaying it in a way others are not comfortable with.

It may be that her cheerfulness is born of desperation, out of a fear of acknowledging unhappiness, a trait caused by being an orphan, as when the party visits Trabia Garden, she tries to be cheerful while talking to her friends' graves despite being emotionally shattered. Her comrades welcome Selphie's presence as she is a loyal friend and enjoyable company, so long as she is not trying to get them to join the Garden Festival Committee. Selphie tries to make it her mission to bring Squall out of his shell.

She carries out orders in her characteristically friendly manner and never backs down from a challenge, even if she does not always think it all the way through. Seemingly blissfully ignorant to the gravity of a situation, she often lifts her companions' spirits, distracting them from the seriousness of their problems.

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