The Security Forces are a model of mechanical elite security guards protecting the various facilities found on the many mechanized planets controlled by the Haltmann Works Company. They serves as mini bosses during Kirby's journey to defeat the company in Kirby: Planet Robobot. They seems to be based on Metal General, which was probably studied by Max Profitt Haltmann when he studied the technology of The Ancients themselves.


Security Force only appears in the game's sixth area, Access Ark. Many of its attacks are based on the one used by Metal General in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They usually use their cyber swords as their main mean of attack. they can also use ranged attacks like shooting multiple sparks in all directions from the center of the arenaor or summons three Metal Bits. Once their life reach zero, they will try to take Kirby down with them by self destrusting and leaving a trail of fire behind. Kirby can destroy them before that however, which will prevent them from leaving a fire trail.

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