The Seaside Kingdom (JP) is a tropical-themed kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey and is the greater location of Bubblaine (JP). The residents are tropical sea snails. The regional currency is shaped like seashells.

Official Descriptions


Power Moons

  • The Hot Spring Seal: Capture an octopus enemy to clear the lava at Hot Spring Island and diving to recover the moon.
  • The Seal Above the Canyon: Climb on the Rolling Canyon and break the crate-wall at the end of the path.
  • The Lighthouse Seal: Enter the pipe at the end of the Underwater Tunnel to the Lighthouse.
  • Ocean-Bottom Maze: Treasure: Reach the end of the 2D maze section underwater.
  • Ocean-Bottom Maze: Hidden Room: Crouch and enter a secret room in the 2D section of the Kingdom.
  • Good Job, Captain Toad!: Climb up a steep summit and reach Captain Toad, who has made a base there.
  • Merci, Dorrie!: Dive under the purple Crazy Cap shop.
  • The Sphynx's Underwater Vault: Answer the Sphynx's riddle and gaining access to his vault.
  • Beach Volleyball: Champ: Score 15 points in the Beach Volleyball minigame.
  • A Rumble on the Seaside Floor: Obtained by ground pounding a specific area in a secret room accessed via a Warp Pipe.
  • Lighthouse Leaper: Glide from the top of the lighthouse with a captured Glydon to the central island and talk to the local.
  • Wading in the Cloud Sea: Found at the end of a secret, foggy area accessed via a Rocket.
  • The Glass is Half Full!: Defeat the octopus boss.


Names in other languages

Seaside Kingdom

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish Reino Ribereño Riverside Kingdom
French Pays de la Mer Sea Country
German Küstenland Coastal Country
Italian Regno del Mare Sea Kingdom
Dutch Strandrijk Beach Kingdom
Russian Пляжное царство
Pl'azhnoe carstvo
Beach Kingdom


Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish Playa Pulpierre Octopus Beach
French Pétillance Sparkling
German Blubberstrand Bubbling Beach
Italian Bollicinia Bubbles
Dutch Bubbelbeach Bubble-Beach
Russian Пузырьен
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