Scribblenauts Unlimited is a puzzle game for the 3DS and Wii U. It is the sequel to the game, Super Scribblenauts. The game is now world-based instead of each Starite being a separate mission.


It is more adventure based then the other Scribblenauts games. The main goal is to collect starites and starite shards by solving puzzles and riddles by creating objects using Maxwell's magical notebook and travelling through a series of open levels. Each level has its own missions and puzzles that Maxwell must complete and solve in order to earn starites and starite shards. Collecting ten starite shards creates a single starite. There are a grand total of 106 starites to collect.


In the Wii U version some characters and items in the Mario series and Legend of Zelda series make a cameo as summonable objects.

Main Characters

  • Maxwell
  • Lily (Maxwell's Sister)
  • Edgar (Maxwell's Father)
  • Julie (Maxwell's Mother)
  • 40 more siblings of Maxwell.
  • Old wizard man (Turns out to be Edgar)


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Mario characters cameos
Scribblenauts Unlimited - Nintendo Characters & Items

Scribblenauts Unlimited - Nintendo Characters & Items

Nintendo cameos
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