The Scornet Maestro is a boss in Pikmin 3 found in the Twilight River, and is the fourth major boss encountered in the Story Mode. It abducts Louie before the player can reach him. It seems to act like a queen bee of sorts, since it's able to command swarms of Scornets using its harp-like beak. The Scornet retinue is used to attack the Captains and their Pikmin. It only relies on the Scornets as the Scornet Maestro itself has no way of attacking. Once defeated, the Scornet Maestro will drop a Seed Hive and Louie, and all 100 of the Scornets it commanded will be able to be carried as well.


  • The Scornet Maestro is the second airborne boss to appear in the series, the first being the Vehemoth Phosbat, both appearing in the same game.
  • The Scornet Maestro is the smallest boss in the Pikmin series.
  • The Scornet Maestro is the only boss in the Pikmin series that cannot directly kill your Pikmin, although its Scornets can.
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