Scolopendra also known as the Eradicator of Paradise, is a type of demon similar to a huge centipede in appearance. They serves as one of the summons in Bayonetta and as enemies in Bayonetta 2 where it is also confirmed that they are actually a species rather than an unique demon. They are said to live in a river of boiling blood in the depths of Inferno.

Book of Infernal Demons

"A vile centipede hailing from Frejentonta, a river of boiling blood in the depths of Inferno, rumors speak of its body exceeding ten kilometers in length.

Moving unlike anything its size, its deftness allows it to wrap around and constrict its prey in the blink of an eye."

Bayonetta series


Scolopendra is first summoned by Bayonetta during her fight against Iustitia where it wrap its long body around Iustitia before crushing it and sent it to Inferno. Scolopendra is also summoned during the fight against Father Balder where it tries to squeezes the Lumen Sage but it is easily dispatched by him.

Bayonetta 2

Scolopendra is never summoned in Bayonetta 2, but bayonetta encounters a swarm of Scolopendras while traveling through Inferno and she must avoid their attack to reach her destination.


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