Scarlet is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation paths.


The leader of the anti-Nohr resistance in the occupied city of Cheve, Scarlet is known to have gained her inspiration from her grandfather, who was a servant of the king of Hoshido many years earlier.


Scarlet is depicted as a character who refuses to bow down to conventions that she disagrees with, choosing instead to live life on her own beliefs and rules. This fact alone is precisely what motivates her into spearheading the Chevois rebellion effort, the result of her inability to continue tolerating the oppressive rule of King Garon.

Lively and freewheeling by nature, Scarlet has also been portrayed as a character who is openly honest with her thoughts and feelings, displaying no fear or hesitation in sharing them with others. This fact can be observed through her interactions with both Ryoma and the Avatar, where she is known to make brutally honest comments about their actions, and in the case of the latter, reveal her penchant for embellishing her equipment with precious stones.

Scarlet is also known to be quite the romantic, although she keeps this tightly under wraps, only revealing it when faced with the person whom she loves. This fact can be observed in her S support with the male Avatar, where she proclaims her love for him and vows to spend the remainder of her life with him.

Scarlet is said to like shiny things the most in the army. Her birthday is August 3.

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