Scaraba is a town from the SNES game EarthBound. It is found in the middle of a desert, and is accesible by crossing the ocean that separates it from Summers. Buildings in Scaraba resemble old structures, and are mostly cubical.

Places of interest

North of the desert

The town is at the north of the desert. Like any other town, it features a hotel and shops, and also has vendors outdoors. The town is surrounded by many palm trees, and some small water bodies. A large wall separates it from the rest of the desert. To the south, there are two pyramids with no entrance. After a short walk, there is another pyramid, guarded by a sphinx statue. It has five buttons, which need to be pressed in a certain order. This allows the pyramid to be opened. The pyramid itself is just a series of halls with powerful enemies. In the end, the Hawk eye lies near a second exit that goes to the south of the desert.

South of the desert

Separated from the town and the pyramid's first entrance by water, this portion of land contains the Dungeon Man. A certain man is holding the Key to the Tower, which allows one to enter said dungeon. Inside Dungeon Man, only Mooks can damage the characters. Even though there are many other enemies, they are kept in holes, unable to attack the player. The south end has lots of palm trees making the path too small for Dungeon Man to pass, and it is here where Ness and his party take a yellow submarine from inside Dungeon Man to Deep Darkness.

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