Tokyo Crash Mobs screenshot.

Savannah is one of the playable characters in the Nintendo 3DS game Tokyo Crash Mobs.


Savannah is a generic American woman. She has blonde hair, a white sweater with a blue T-shirt underneath and gray pants.


Savannah is a 21 year old College Student who's always falling asleep in class (Judging by cutscenes, she appears to be the only student in class, despite many desks in the background). She's been having odd dreams where a woman in green has sent her flying through a portal, landing in a strange location. She finds herself in a blank white room in the middle of nowhere, then in a mountain, then back to the same place she was before. Armies of people are trying to get to a hutton that will send Savannah into a Black Hole. At one point of her dream, she meets Grace, which makes it appear that her dream is somehow connected to reality.


  • Like every other character in the game, Savannah is portrayed by an actress, rather than animated.

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