Saturn Valley is a location in the Mother/EarthBound series, home to the Mr. Saturn race. The buildings and ATMs in Saturn Valley have antennae with ribbons on top of them, resembling UFOs and Mr. Saturns respectively.



In EarthBound, Saturn Valley is located northwest through a cave in Grapefruit Falls. Ness needs to travel there on two occasions. First, Ness comes because he needs the password to Master Belch's Factory in Grapefruit Falls. A Mr. Saturn reveals that once Belch's minion asks for the password, Ness must not move or say anything for three minutes. Then the door will open.

Ness and his partners return to Saturn Valley a second time after the former travels to Magicant. To their suprise, Apple Kid and Dr. Andonuts are there, with Apple Kid's latest invention, the Phase Distorter II. After trying it and seeing that it doesn't work, Dr. Andonuts suggests using a rare element called Zexonyte, obtainable only from a meteroite, might help the machine run properly. Ness must return to the meteorite that landed near Onett to get the Meteorite Piece, then return to Saturn Valley to give it to Andonuts.

Mother 3

Lucas, Boney, and Kumatora arrive at Saturn Valley only to see the Pig Mask Army has invaded it, looking for the 4th Needle. Although they know the needle is in the area, they do not know exactly where or how to obtain it, and they torture the Mr. Saturn to get this information; but the Mr. Saturn continue to lie and state that they do not know either. In one house, the army has caught and tied up Duster. After defeating the Pig Mask Soldiers interrogating him, Lucas frees Duster and he then rejoins the party.

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